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November 28, 2016

“Appearance is not important”, – often we hear it from others.

But let’s be honest, the first impression of things and people are made by their initial appearance.

It’s the same is with web-pages. Impression is made by the first few seconds after person clicks to download your online source while looking for information about business or service your company offers.

When developing websites often we face problems with its design. Having visions of competitors’ web-pages we often want “same color solutions” or “everything, except these colors”.

There are parts of psychological studies, who are exploding color influence on people.

Each color has its own influence on our mind, so it’s important when creating web design to consider type of business, specific service or product and target audience.

For example, the food industry companies are not suggested to use colors which are killing the appetite, instead they are pushed to use red, orange, yellow colors which are working as good promotion colors for food products.

By knowing gender, age and geography of your clients it’s better to make a research based on color preferences. Though, it is better to use bright colors for products, whose target group are children, and contrary in case you are looking for serious big business structures as potential partners or clients to put accent on website and service content.

Gender has its influence as well. Women often prefer extraordinary bright colors; less expressive and calm colors are more suitable for male target group.

Contrasts also play role. In case your web-page contains buttons, banners or advertisements, which require high attention. Such elements must be brighter and contrasted on the general layout.

The best way is to keep your brand color when developing web-page, but also consider general influence according to psychological researches.

Here are some of them from marketing point of view:

  1. Red catches the eye as a first. The best way to attract attention is using this color to promote something urgent or indicate sales and promotions your company offers.
  2. Yellow brings website visitors to positive and funny mood. The best way is to use it for youth and children entertained sources.
  3. Orange is associated with life power and energy. It attracts attention almost as red one, but relies more on people. The best solution is to use orange for “Call-to-Action” button.
  4. Blue means stability and trust. This color is mostly used by insurance or financial companies.
  5. Green often has associations with ecology, but it also has its pure healthy meaning. It can be accepted literary, or just as healthy and eco way of your business rules.
  6. Violet is about creation and elegance style. Combination of violet with gold or silver can perfectly express luxury and comfort.
  7. Black is universal color, but also has its meaning. Mainly it is about reaching contrast option to put right accents on your website content.

Here are just the main color descriptions, but hopefully it could be useful while reviewing your web design proposal.

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