Technical specification as a recipe for website success

November 23, 2016
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Every day, surfing through Internet, you probably visit plenty of different web-pages.

What do you pay attention at?

Normally, web-pages are online platforms for business. Tools available there or information presented normally depends on kind of business and its goals.

Technical specification is the start, which decides everything for your web-page. It contains all information including animation of published pictures.

Ensure technical specification is completed with full responsibility, this will ease the web development process as it allows a specialist to fill all information from design to specific orders without requesting additional information.

This document first must contain a brief about your company including number of employees, main services and achievements.

Tools and options are developed to your business goals, whether it’s to increase enquires through your website, phone enquiries or online sales. Then, to keep productivity you would have to indicate your target audience with all the details.

Describe website structure as detailed as possible. It will help to make trial version most profitable and avoid heavy tweaks. Indicate which social media to be linked, if there are possible comments from clients. Which are the options of each page and how exactly data to be placed.

Don’t forget about non-visible functions of your web-page such as usability, security, loading times and legal options for your customers, meaning they may be asked to accept terms and conditions.

Organization needs attention also to research your competitors and check their web-page. It can help to understand what exactly you need. Looking for both good and bad examples would help you to understand what shouldn’t be included into your web-page as well.

Pay attention to timescales, as each step should be planned and performed strictly with deadlines for each stage. It will save your personal time and increase productivity.

Making a cost-effective web-page means indicating all details and risks you can face in this process. Technical specification should be the main document, to which you can refer in case something goes wrong, so make sure you have done it with utmost responsibility. After you won’t have much chance to ask unless you have written it in this document.

The last, but not least, document itself needs to be good enough to get website for your business done, but preferably before workload starts – initiate discussion with web developer and make sure all your formulations are clear, there is no jargon and indicate exactly what you want if there is something missing


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