Slack is new trend for corporate communication

December 22, 2016

It’s not a secret, that most companies willing to motivate and cooperate with all members of staff.

Once social networks invented messengers – lots of organizations started using Facebook, Google+ or Skype to communicate internally with team.

These services allow creating chats for more than 2 people with topics, discussing in live time topics and issued to be solved.

But as further companies were moving – as many disadvantages of such systems were coming up.

Of course planning, ordering tasks and evaluating activities are main goals in management.

Involve of each personality, who is working on company’s development and motivation, which can be given through such tool is as important as live conversation.

We decided to go through such tool as Slack, which has been created exactly for corporate internal communication and has been extremely grown for last months in business area.

First of all, preventing your searches in Internet it’s worth to mention – Slack is free to use, have mobile applications and is available for both Android and iOS systems. Of course, with spreading options or requesting specifical services you can turn into paid version, but as shows experience – often free version is enough. It means you can have access to chat wherever you are and whenever you want.

Secondly, despite of other messengers, it allows to range chats into topics and include exact people to conversations. You can create small communities called “channel” inside your company with departments you actually have. Although, others still have access to follow process, which allows to deal with linking activities between different departments.

Worth to mention, it has option to tag person, which ensures this member of team would get additionalnotification and will be directed to the message, which touches him (her).

Slack doesn’t stop on communication only. It allows to share documents, images, datasheets and other files to simplify process of sharing. Moreover, there is option for adding comments below document itself. This can save your discussion time, when you don’t need arranging time and gathering in one room. Each person can go there to review document and give own remarks.

Of course there is an option to create private channels, where you can share information and communicate only with those, who were invited to join it. This save your time and still fix all the dta, which has been discussed, so you can come back to it in any time you need.

Except channels, as in all the messengers you can also have direct private conversations or with group of people, you would like to talk with.

While being on other pages, doing research in Internet or being offline and working with documents – Slack would notify you if something new appeared in channel or someone wrote a message to you.

The best thing if you missed something there is greate “Search” option, when you can put keywords and it would propose you all messages and even documents, which include these words. It eases your work and help finding the information fastly and effectively.

You can integrate other social networks with Slack as well.

For the moment it’s the best solution for all sized businesses, which proves it’s effectoveness every day.

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